Our company independently designs and manufactures (DC) electric arc furnace, submerged arc furnace, plasma furnace, refining furnace and high-power DC power supply. The design and production of non-toxic treatment equipment for solid waste and hazardous waste, the recovery rate of platinum enrichment process is high, and the recovery rate of melting of silicon metal cutting mud is more than 7O%.
In March 2019, Dr. Cheng Xing of Suzhou Sinoma non metallic mineral industrial design and Research Institute, a subordinate unit of China building materials, led a team to our company for technical exchange, and conducted graphite purification test at the user's site. The graphite crucible is used as furnace lining and graphite particles are used as raw materials for heating. At the end of the experiment, it was found that both the graphite particle material and the graphite crucible were sublimated.
According to the data, graphite sublimates at 3850 ℃ under normal pressure, which shows that the temperature of plasma furnace designed and produced by our company has exceeded 3850 ℃.
The circuit adopts the advanced high-speed railway rectifying working system and has the advanced photoelectric isolation technology. No interference to the grid. It has a wide range of applications, and the temperature of the arc core is up to 10000 ℃.
On June 4, 2019, researcher Li Teng of Institute of mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and our company had technical exchange, and used advanced high temperature special measuring instrument to test the furnace temperature of our company's DC electric arc furnace at the user's production site, which is shown as 3932 ℃ in the figure below. Dr. Li Teng is very satisfied with our company's DC electric furnace and signed a technical service cooperation agreement with our company on behalf of the Institute of mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The varieties that can be smelted include: iron, copper, nickel, cobalt, lead, zinc, tin, antimony, bismuth, gold, silver, chromium, molybdenum, magnesium, manganese, tantalum, niobium, platinum, rhodium, palladium, vanadium, titanium, iridium and other metals.
Smelting raw materials: ferroalloy, ore, slag, solid waste, hazardous waste, mineral wool and various conductive or non-conductive products.
1. PLC control has high degree of automation, fast heating speed, fast production rhythm, high output and high product recovery rate;
2. It can set power at will without shutting down in smelting process to realize constant power and constant electricity
Different control schemes of current, constant resistance and constant voltage are convenient and fast.
3. Stepless regulation of voltage and current. In the smelting process, the voltage can be accurate to every 1V without shutdown according to the requirements, and can be increased or decreased arbitrarily. The current is accurate to 1 A, increasing or decreasing arbitrarily;
4. In the smelting process, the positive electrode and negative electrode can change the polarity arbitrarily, and the furnace temperature is even, which effectively solves the problem of uneven temperature in the furnace caused by anode effect (this is our patent).
5. In the smelting process, the arc length can be adjusted arbitrarily without power interruption. It can be either submerged arc (submerged arc furnace property) or open arc smelting (electric arc furnace property).
6. The main control board of DC power supply has the soft start function to avoid the damage of electrical components due to the high voltage impact of power on. The board has the function of photoelectric isolation, which can effectively avoid the strong magnetic field in the production site interfering with the stability of the control circuit in the production process. The board also has the functions of over-voltage, over-current, phase loss and high temperature protection, which can effectively avoid the damage to the equipment caused by short circuit.
Principle of saving 15% energy compared with AC arc furnace (power factor, harmonic, eddy current, skin effect):
1. From the characteristics of AC curve, it is found that in the change of AC from sine wave to cosine wave at 50Hz, there are 100 times from zero to the highest voltage per second, and then from the highest voltage to zero, then the AC arc will start and extinguish 100 times per second. In addition, the AC short network is easy to produce skin effect and proximity effect, and the three-phase power is difficult to maintain balance, resulting in the increase of useless work of the AC furnace. For example, the power factor of the low-end compensation furnace is only about 0.7-0.8, even after the compensation cost is put into operation, the power factor of the furnace is only about 0.8-0.9. According to the DC voltage curve, the DC furnace is only weak and strong flicker, and the flicker intensity is only 20% of that of the AC furnace, and the impact on the power grid is far less than that of the AC furnace. There is no third, fifth, seventh, eleventh and thirteenth harmonic interference on the power grid, the useless work is greatly reduced, and the compensation equipment is not used. The power factor is 0.95 ~ 0.98. DC electric furnace has the advantages of stable arc light, high thermal efficiency, fast melting speed and low smelting power consumption. This is why the DC furnace should replace the traditional high energy consumption AC furnace.
2. There is no skin effect and proximity effect in the short network of DC furnace, and there is no eddy current loss, so the electrode can pass through a larger current. High utilization rate and low consumption of electric energy. The products produced by using the same electricity consumption are 10% - 15% more than those produced by AC arc furnace.
3. Compared with AC arc furnace, DC arc furnace can save 1-2 sets of electrode devices, while graphite electrode consumption can be saved by 30% - 50%.
4. It has the function of electrode breaking detection and automatic balance adjustment. When the electrode is short circuited to the furnace bottom, it will generate arc light and will not continue to operate, so as to avoid the accident of electrode breaking due to the electrode continuing to move downward. The following picture shows the broken electrode of AC electric arc furnace:

5. The arc of DC EAF is in the form of center vertical, with uniform heat distribution and uniform material melting. Because of the constant direction of DC current, DC arc has a strong stirring effect on molten steel, which makes the melting of materials without dead angle, high recovery rate of products and no AC arc.
6. Effectively control the rise of furnace bottom. Because the electric arc of DC electric arc furnace is generated between the electrode and the furnace bottom, forming the hot furnace bottom, when pouring out the molten steel, the molten steel will not catch the furnace bottom. However, AC EAF has no hot bottom effect.
7. The noise is 10-15db lower than that of AC electric arc furnace.
8. The service life of furnace wall refractory is long. The electric arc of DC electric furnace is generated between the electrode and the furnace bottom, which will not form a hot spot on the furnace wall or damage the furnace wall.


The temperature of our enrichment platinum smelting process is as high as 3932 ℃, the product recovery rate is high, and the content of platinum, palladium and rhodium in the discharged residue is less than 1G.
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